Friday, August 25, 2006

Quiz 2 Characterization

Quiz 2 Characterazation

In my book, Out of Control, Rollo Wingate is the main character. Rollo is overweight and plays on the football team. He has short brown hair. Rollo goes to high school. He doesn't have a part time job. He lives at home with his father and his sister, Kara. Kara is has Down's syndrome. She is actually ten years older than Rollo. Rollo likes to hang out with his friends, Brig and Candy. They like to mess with girls. They stare at a girl until she realizes that they are staring and it freaks the girls out. Rollo has a big crush on a girl, Denise Dixon. Rollo and his friends are really mean to a girl named Valerie Michon. I don't think that Rollo really likes being mean to Valerie, but he still is.

Valerie doesn't like Rollo and she always talks about how they are bad people. Brig and Candy think that he is the best friend ever. Kara thinks that Rollo is the best brother in the world and she thinks the world of him.

It seems like he has mixed feelings of his own. Sometimes he feels good and other times he feels bad.

The author does effectively reveal Rollo to me. She doesn't really describe that much, but you can always know what Rollo is thinking. There is something always on his mind.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Quiz 1--Setting

Quiz 1--Setting

The setting of my novel, Out of Control, mainly takes place at the school where Rollo, Candy, Brig, and Valerie go to school. Rollo is outside with is friends, Candy and Brig. All three of them are eating their lunch outside. It is a cool day in the Fall. They're talking to some other friends about their Football season. Rollo is thinking about how it is great that he can just sit outside of school with his friends and just hang out. Valerie approaches and Rollo, Candy, and Brig are being rude and mean to her. She stomps on Brigs hand so she can get in the school. The lawn outside of the school is half-frozen. Candy has freckles and blond hair. Brig is kind of popular. Rollo is overweight. Their teacher's voice is a faint drone behind them.

It made me feel a mood that was surely uncertian. You could just tell that something bad was going to happen later on in the book. It was a weird feeling. When Valerie stepped on Brig's hand you could just tell that something bad was going to happen.

The setting was very believable to me because I could picture the whole story in my mind. I could see their faces because of the descriptions that the author gave us.

Friday, August 11, 2006


The reason that I'm making this blog is because, in my English 1 class I have to read a novel. Then I have to post things about the book I'm reading on every Friday.